What We Found Beneath the Ground

by My Double, My Brother

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Daniel Posthuma
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Daniel Posthuma I love the ambience and freshness of this record. Every song has this organic and "real" vibe to them that is sure to connect with anyone. Favorite track: They Built Them All to Last.


released March 12, 2011

All songs written and performed by My Double, My Brother.
Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Andy Leong.
Mastered by Jason Martin.


all rights reserved



My Double, My Brother Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Specks of Black
O, the road winds about with the wind
We set out as the sun paints our skin
To an amber brown, a cinnamon red,
Like we dreamt safe inside pressing pillows to our weary heads.

We are all turtles with out homes tied to sleeves,
We pick up with the morn and we drift with the leaves,
Blown by the breeze.
And the time takes its toll to revise
Stringing moments to moments and the moments are ties
To the moment of our demise.

And all we knew just turns to specks of black.
We long to return so we look but we can't go back.

The weather finds fault with the unconcerned mind
But the one who seeks safety seems always to find
Himself far behind.
So we look to the sky as we amble the earth
And the dust passes by as we slowly whisper
Our soft and simple words.

And all we knew just turns to specks of black.
We long to return so we look but we can't go back.
Track Name: The Parade
We left our homes
and found a field where flowers grow
and the earth yields a box of gold,
and so we sold all that we held dear.

We could not contain
our joy that day for all we'd saved
had gone away but what we found
beneath the ground is all we'll ever need

The people sing and play the tambourine through the town
The elephants dance and the tigers prance to the sound
The sons all shout and the daughters run out through the town
The birds all fly and the stones all cry out the sound,
The sound of rejoicing!
Track Name: Seed in the Shadow
There's a seed in the shadow
Where the rock meets sky
With the cold embrace of night.

Fare the seas past the shallows
On the waters ride
But know you'll never end up dry.
Track Name: The Land That Drinks The Rain
How we wandered barren lands,
Our bare feet sifted desert sands,
We walked along and sang the songs that our fathers sang to pass
The hopeless times that seemed to find them fast.

My brothers prayed for rain
And my sisters did the same
But we heard the sound of a distant town and they were calling forth the dry
But we never heard them echoing our cries.

Then the cattle moaned and the sheep all groaned.
And the growing weeds withered the fig trees,
But we found a way to the land that drinks the rain.

We all came to the land that drinks the rain.
Track Name: We Watched It Burn
They all came out to save us and pull us from the sea
Of what we've known to be.
Diluting wine with water and oaks with fading leaves
To show what freedom means.

They raised their cups to nothing and held fast to the air,
Then wondered if it's really there.
They said they can't say anything, for saying says it's so,
And we all know that we can't know.

They struck the match to light the town
and watched it all burn to the ground.

The smoke that fills the empty streets,
It came for them and came to you and me.
Track Name: They Built Them All to Last
There is always a reason
And I could reason myself to the floor.
There is always a season
Where we find what we've found before.

I was under impressions
I could quench the insatiable thirst
That there were only successions
From the last leading up to the first.

Now I see visions of apparitions from my past,
They built their houses and they built them all to last.

The mind is a mystery
Because the heart's not a stone
But the soul seeks the shelter
For all to find home.
Track Name: A Mighty Storm is Rising
The rain came falling down,
And they told us we would drown!

“A mighty storm is rising!” the television cried.
“You're better off to go and leave your lands!”
But you instead took a prism and held it to the light,
Then watched the colors on the walls dance.

You sat silent in the corner, watching bending branches break,
You watched the waters rise to sweep the trees.
Then it crept in through the door way and slid on like a snake,
Then climbed our legs to rest beneath our knees.

The rain came falling down,
And they told us we would drown,
But you stood for my sake
In our living room lake
When the rain came falling down.
Track Name: Ashes, Ashes
Seasons come and seasons change,
Spring brings life but autumn fades to the winter
The dead white lands

We plant the bodies in the ground
'Cause ashes, ashes, we all fall down
But why do we water them water them with our tears?

For life is just a passing breeze,
A grass that withers up beneath the sun.
And all this time it seems to me,
We work and play and sleep and then we're done.

Engraved stone and the print on page
A place to replace the past, a place
For the failure to find it fair.

We swim so deep and we reach so high
But after all we're all going to lie
Down and witness the sinking sound.

Because life is just a passing breeze,
A grass that withers up beneath the sun.
And all this time it seems to me,
We work and play and sleep and then we're done.

So we cast our bread on the water
And in our youthful days we recall our father.

For life is just a passing breeze
A grass that withers up beneath the sun.
But all this time was given free,
So, we will learn to love before we're done.
Track Name: The Poison I Let Up
I felt alone for the first time in several hundred days,
I forgot the flame of the fern.
You were the one who had spoke out in several hundred ways,
But I was the one who would turn.

And I know that I knew better,
But better seemed so stale.

So when evening fell for night, I was gone.
There were diamonds in the skies but I kept moving on
I was a dog coming back to the poison I let up,
Collecting it all I quietly filled my cup.

I climbed a hill and I reached up, but I held on to the grass,
I felt the fear of the fall.
The rooster crowed in the distance, for two times it had passed,
Now I am the worse of them all.
Track Name: I Only Dream of Places Now
See that old boat that I've pulled to the shore,
Look at the bones, there's no flesh anymore.
And I struggled
Yeah, I did fight.

A sleeper by day and a sailor by night,
The wind and the waves took the weight of the light,
And I wandered

I was floating around like I was in a river, the oars were at my side.

The sea was the place that I sought for a home,
A man with a rod in his boat all alone.

So I was floating around like I was in a river, the oars were at my side.
I was floating around forever, then you sent me the tide.

When I met the sand I walked for days,
And hoped what I'd caught would get lost in the waves and float away,
But the boat bore the bones to stay with me
And they cling to the bow should I go out to the sea.
Track Name: The Morning
Maybe they saw me step back, maybe they thought I stayed,
But, like the blood that's thickening my veins, I ran, O, how I ran from you that day.

I twisted back my clocks hands, I turned up all the lights,
I tried reasoning my curses, but reason said it's all a lie.

The moon has spent his time here, the sun is on his way,
and grace has brought the morning and from morning will break forth the day.

Awake my soul!
Awake my soul!
Awake the harp and lyre!
Awake the dawn! And all will sing along!

We will lift our voice to sing a song to you!

Barukh adonai ki shama' kol tachnunai!

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